Dr. Jaap Wilting passed away

On 17 February 2021 dr. Jaap Wilting passed away. Many will remember him from the time FIGON, NVFW and TI Pharma were founded. The FIGON owes much to his perseverance. An in memoriam is posted by our partner UIPS.


Veel FIGON partners zijn actief betrokken bij het zoeken en ontwikkelen van diagniostica, geneesmiddelen en vaccins ter bestrijding van Covid19. Maar ook kennisverspreiding en uitleg is belangrijk in deze tijden van 'information overload' en desinformatie. 

Bij de KNAW zijn webinars terug te kijken, zoals deze waarin DE experts de ontwikkelingen bespreken op 22 oktober 2020.

IMI launches a new call for proposals

In January 2019 the Innovative Medicines Initiative has launched a new call for proposals. The theme is "Open access drug development tools". Their website also lists the "Future Topics".

PharmInvest makes a showcase of Dutch BioPharma.

With the arrival of the EMA in the Netherlands, PharmInvest has made a bidbook, with an overview of the Dutch BioPharma landscape.

Facts drug research

This map (in Dutch) gives an overview of available facts and figures about drug research. The map was created on the basis of literature review, interviews and expert discussions. Thanks to all the participants for their work.

fact check card

Top sector Life Sciences & Health

As you probably know, the government has announced a new industry policy in nine innovative research sectors. For each of these so-called Top sector areas a plan will be designed by industry, academia and government. 

Life Sciences & Health

We would like to point out this activity under the top sector Life Sciences & Health:

- The LSH Impulse for public-private partnerships, call via ZonMw:

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Galen Awards for dr. Enrico Mastrobattista and Takeda

On June 6, 2013 the Galen Awards have been announced at ZonMW in The Hague. Dr. Enrico Mastrobattista (Utrecht University) received from the hands of prof. dr. Pauline Meurs (Chairman ZonMW) the Galen Research Award 2013. It consists of a gold medal and a cash prize of € 5,500. Mr. Frank de Grave (Chairman of the Association of Medical Specialists) presented the Galen Pharmaceuticals Award to the pharmaceutical company Takeda for Adcetra.

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Implementation of framework for assessment of non-interventional studies:

Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centres and tertiary medical teaching hospitals have taken the initiative for implementation of the framework of assessment for non-interventional studies in cooperation with Ministry of Health, Nefarma, ACRON, the Netherlands Organization of Health and Development and medical ethical committees. 

Press Release: Merger CTMM and TI Pharma incentive for medical innovations

Technology Institutes continue as a single organization for public-private partnerships for innovations in health care.

Technological Institutes CTMM (Center for Translational Molecular Medicine) and TI Pharma join forces and continue as one organization. The merger is the answer to the increasing interconnectedness of medicines and medical technology.

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Prior information notice

Debate Night November 20, 2014, 20:00 to 10:00 p.m., De Balie, Amsterdam

It is time for a common approach to chronic diseases!
Due to the aging of the population, we see a steep increase in the number of patients with chronic disease. For these patients, life changes dramatically. Chronic diseases also press more and more on health care costs. Knowledge of immunology has already helped new treatments for patients with rheumatoid arthritis and patients with cancer.


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European College of Neuropsychopharmacology workshop for Junior Scientists in Europe

The next ECNP Workshop will be held on 12-15 March 2015 in Nice, France.


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Galen Awards for dr. Paul Würdinger and Vertex Pharmaceuticals

For the first time on the FIGON Dutch Medicines Days awarded the annual Galen Awards. Winners were Dr. Tom Würdinger (VUMC, winner of the Galen Research Prize) and the company Vertex (for Kalydeco, used to treat cystic fibrosis).


The Galen Awards consist of two prizes: the Galen Research Award is a prestigious annual prize for young researchers and honors a scientific research that is of great importance for and directly related to fundamental or clinical trials. This involves a study on size and relevance significantly rises above work done in the context of a promotion. The Galen Research Awards consists of a gold medal and a cash prize of € 5,000. The Galen Pharmaceuticals Award consisting of a gold medal, rewards the most meaningful and innovative drug for human use.


Dr. Würdinger got the Galen research prize for his groundbreaking research. "His research is focused on basic and translational neuro-oncology research with a special interest in RNA biology and preclinical imaging," said the jury represented by chairman Paul Smits on Würdinger. "With his track record, perseverance and ambition he earns twice over this beautiful Galen Prize."


Wouter Bos, Chairman of the VUMC, the Galen Medicines Price reached 2014 to a representative of the company Vertex Pharmaceuticals for ivacaftor. This agent can be used for treatment of the rare disease Cystic Fibrosis, in the Netherlands, better known under the name of cystic fibrosis. The judges were impressed with the rational concept that underlies the development of this agent. "The combination of mechanism-based and evidence-based medicine this product is a great example of personalized medicine," said the jury.


About Galen Prices
The Galen Prizes were awarded in the Netherlands for the first time in 1993 and since 2010 under the auspices of the Foundation Galen Price Netherlands. Sponsors include Nefarma, ZonMw and South Van Communications BV The independent jury consists of scientists and directors of public bodies in the medical sector.





 Jury for the 2014 Galen Medicines Price


 Jury report for Dr. Tom Würdinger, winner of the prize


 Press Release Galen Medicines Price 2014

Quickly and effectively intervene with disease-transcending immunological research

The problem - the aging of the population, the number of people with chronic diseases. This is accompanied by sharply rising costs.
The solution - if we bring together the knowledge of disease-transcending immunological processes, we can send the identification of early biomarkers and adequate treatment. We promote healthy aging.
The road to it - Boosting disease-transcending research into the underlying immunological processes.

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