FIGON travel award

FIGON is pleased to announce that to help promote Innovative Drug Research in the Netherlands, the Federation will support Members of Scientific Societies or of Graduate Schools (see the list of Partners) by sponsoring  FIGON travel awards for young scientists (PhD, postdoc, last year master students) who present their work at international meetings related to Innovative Drug Research (conferences; symposia or workshops) .

Each FIGON Travel Award shall be supported with a grant award of EUR 500. Guidelines for application can be found here as pdf and as word document. Awardees are expected to present a poster at the Figon DMD.

The Travel Awards are made possible by a donation of the "Stichting 100 jaar Farmacologie". This donation is limited, so only one Travel Grant per person can be honoured.


  • 2017
    • Maarten Doornbos, LACDR
    • Vasudev Kantae, LACDR
    • Janneke Brussee, LACDR
    • Rob van Wijk, LACDR
    • Sebastiaan Goulooze, LACDR
    • Wilbert de Witte, LACDR
    • Sinziana Cristea, LACDR
    • Mark Smits, UIPS
    • Remy Verheijen, NVKF&B
    • Fares Karamat, NVF
    • Maikel Herbrink, UIPS
    • Bianca van Groen, NVKF&B
  • 2018
    • Natalia Ortiz Zacaria, KNCV Farmacochemie
    • Lies Fliervoet, UIPS
    • Roeland Wassmann, NVKF&B
    • Cornelis Smit, LACDR
    • Rixt Wijma, NVKF&B
    • Niels Hauwert, KNCV Farmacochemie
    • Xue Yang, LACDR
    • Anna Vlachodimou, LACDR