Free Online Course: Clinical Research in the Netherlands – Legislation & Procedures


This online course is developed by Paul Janssen Futurelab Leiden in collaboration with CCMO. The course is interesting for translational and clinical researchers, research nurses, clinical research associates (CRAs), employees of companies involved in clinical research, (candidate) members of reviewing committees (accredited MREC and CCMO), and others who want to learn more about the legislation and procedures for review of clinical research in the Netherlands.


Are you planning to conduct clinical research in the Netherlands? If so, this free online course will help increase your understanding of the Dutch review system. Moreover, you will gain insights in the practical aspects involved in the review process to help prepare and submit your research file efficiently to the right committee(s) for approval.

The course currently includes 2 themes: “Explaining the Dutch Review System” and “The mandatory review of medical research” addressing the scope of the Dutch Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act (Dutch abbreviation WMO). New themes are added to the course regularly. In addition to the course materials, an easy-to-use ‘Committee Finder’ tool has been added to the course. This tool 1) assists you with finding the right committee (accredited MREC or CCMO) for the medical-ethics review of your research file, 2) shows the legal review timelines for these committees and 3) explains which other organizations are involved in the various additional approval processes (if applicable). Both the course and committee finder tool are freely available on the Paul Janssen Futurelab website.

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