Introduction Course Population Pharmacokinetic Modeling



This course is organized by the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research of Leiden University.

With population pharmacokinetic (PK) modeling we describe the concentration-time profiles drugs. An important aspect of population PK modeling is identifying sources of variability between individuals of a population and quantifying this inter-individual variability. In a subsequent covariate analysis, potential patient and treatment characteristics that can explain (part of) the inter-individual variability are investigated. Once we have a population PK model that can describe and predict both general trends in the PK of drugs and individual deviations from those trends, we can use model-based simulations to optimize drug dosing. With the simulations, we can identify characteristics that can put patients at risk for overdosing, leading to undesired side-effects, or underdosing, leading to therapy failure. The model-based simulations can then be used to individualize drug dosing recommendations for these patients based on their characteristics.

This course of 3.5 days, provides an introduction to the theoretical basis of population modelling as well as hands-on exercises to familiarize yourself with NONMEM software and Pirana/PsN. 

Who should attend: Researchers (postgraduate level) who want to obtain basic knowledge and skills regarding population pharmacokinetic analyses with NONMEM.

Participants are requested to bring their own laptop, but a NONMEM or Pirana/PsN installation is not required.






Course fee: (including official participation certificate, 4 lunches and coffee/tea breaks):

Academic fee                           €550,-

Industry fee                             €1250,-

Informatie & inschrijving

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Please note, the registration deadline is October 1st, there is a maximum of 20 places available and participants from the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research will have priority

Cancellation received before October 1st , 2019 is subject to full refund, cancellation received after this date is subject to 50% refund.

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Kan bij een individuele patiënt geneesmiddelenconcentraties interpreteren en op basis daarvan dosisadviezen geven.

Type: Farmacotherapie

Subtype: Individuele patiëntenzorg

Kan op een dataset basale statische analyses doen

Type: Farmacotherapie

Subtype: Individuele patiëntenzorg

Kent de principes om op basis van populatie gegevens PK-PD analyses verrichten.

Type: Farmacotherapie

Subtype: Individuele patiëntenzorg